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Friday, July 10, 2020

Don Welch Continues to Aim for Success

Aurthor: Blazer Barboza 
Don Welch is both a writing composer and performing artist who has grew a organic fan base by dedication. Don Welch has reach a global impact over his social media platforms. With all the hype of the music industry he is one of the few artist who continues to grow his fan base without the help of Major labels. Welch is based out of Texas. His music has additionally became his life style.
The Measure Don Welch Success
This was generated by hours and hours of beating on his craft. He released his album titled ”Melting Pot” in 2018. The album still holds relevancy til this day. Welch gained over 200k streams in the past year. He was able to accomplish this without any promotion, Gaining organic results.
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